In a time where we are constantly surrounded by sound

have we forgotten how to listen?

celloLYDinstallasjon (2018)

Outdoor sound installation project

WP at Cellolyd festival 2018

Metal and Glass (2018)

For percussion duo

WP by SISU Percussion Ensemble

Dancing in the midnight sun (2018)

Video work

No Visual (2018)

For 3-5 performers, objects and electronics

WP at Avant Garden in Trondheim and Only Connect in Oslo, Norway

Wires (2018)

8 channel sound work

WP at NMK Concert in Oslo

Tine Surel Lange - Pressure

Pressure (2017)

For ensemble, objects and video

WP by asamisimasa all over Norway

Tine Surel Lange -

We can’t save the world (2017)

Sound installation

WP Seoul, South Korea

TineSurelLange - SoundwalkPotatoBlossomStudio

Soundwalk: PotatoBlossom Studio (2017)


WP at PotatoBlossom studio, Pyeingchang, South Korea

Tine Surel Lange - Kor tok måsan veien?

Kor Tok Måsan Veien? (2017)

Investigative audiovisual installation work

WP Kulturfabrikken Sortland, Norway

Tine Surel Lange - Sounddestination

SoundDestination: Berlevåg (2017)

Online sound map, installation and live performance concept

WP at Sommer i Berlevåg festival, Norway

Tid (2017)

For ensemble, objects and sound

WP by ensemble Lydenskab, Odder, Denmark

Water and Stone (2017)

Electro acoustic work

WP at Drive in Sound Art Lofoten, Norway

Tine Surel Lange - Works for Listening

Works for Listening (2017)

8 channel sound installation

WP at Lydgalleriet @UOY, Bergen, Norway

Tine Surel Lange - Cycle #1-3

Cycle 1-3 (2017)

Ambisonics pieces

WP May 16th at Notam, Oslo, Norway

Tine Surel Lange - Sunset Rising

Sunset Rising (2017)


WP at Echofluxx17 festival, Praha, Czech Republic

Tine Surel Lange - So you can please

So You Can Please (2016)

For four performers, percussion, sex toys, and text material

WP at Darmstadt International Summer Course, Germany

Tine Surel Lange - Livet

Livet (2016)

For unaccompanied mixed choir

WP by “Jauna Muzika” in Vilnius, Lithuania

Water (2016)

For piano trio and water sounds

WP at Drusko Manija festival in Vilnius, Lithuania

Tine Surel Lange - Photo by Dagmara Wojtanowicz

Resonating Nature Introvert Texture (2016)

Audiovisual live electronics performance concept

WP at Nordic Music Days 2015, Denmark / LYDrørt Festival 2016, Norway

Tine Surel Lange & Michel Mateos: Etikk (2016)

Acoustic work / spoken words

WP in Ila prison, Norway

Tine Surel Lange - Dancehall Ram remix

TnS & Dr Roman: Dancehall Ram (TineSurel remix) (2016)

Audiovisual remix

WP in Oslo, Norway

Byen (2016)

For clarinet, cello, midipiano (live-electronics) and video

WP with asamisimasa at Borealis Festival, Bergen, Norway.

TO: #FF9900 (2015)


WP in Oslo, Norway

The City (2015)

Audiovisual composition

WP in Oslo, Norway

Kyst (2015)

Interactive digital work

Part of

SoundJourney (2015)

Sound installation

WP at Vinterlydfestivalen 2015, Oslo, Norway

Klangfarger (2014)

Visual work

The Sun (2014)

Video work

WP at nyMusikk, Oslo, Norway

Immersed:Berlin (2014)

For live-electronics

WP at Notam, Oslo, Norway

Mørketid (2013)

For cello and live-electronics

WP at the Faroe Islands

6 Bekker fra Vestlandet (2013)

For tape or live electronics

WP at UNM festival 2014 in Malmø, Sweden

Eremitt (2013)

For cello, live-electronics (and video)

WP at the Faroe Islands

Tarre (2013)

For cello, live-electronics (and video)

WP at the Faroe Islands

Mørket (2013)

For string octet (or quartet) and fixed or live-electronics

WP at UNM Festival 2014 in Helsinki, Finland / NMD in Reykjavik, Iceland

Til Domkirken (2013)

For string trio

WP in the cathedral of Haderslev, Denmark

Eventyr (2012)

For string trio

WP at Reginedagan, Bø i Vesterålen, Norway

Til Vesterålen (2012)

For string trio

WP in Bø i Vesterålen, Norway

String Suite no. 2 (2012)

For string quintet / string trio

WP in Haderslev, Denmark

Bøgeskov i Efterår (2012)

Sound work for guitar and field recordings

Monstrum (2011)

Electroacoustic sound work

Undring (2011)

For var. ensembles

WP in Haderslev, Denmark

A Cactus (2011)

Electroacoustic sound work

Awakening (2011)

Electroacoustic sound work

Bølgegang (2011)

For string trio

WP in Haderslev, Denmark

Lucidity (2011)

For string trio

WP in Leirvik, Norway

Hugin (2005)

For string trio

WP in Holstebro, Denmark

MetalStringAcademy (2005/10)

Workshop activity

WP in Denmark