MØRKET – electro acoustic work / mixed ensemble + tape

Mørket (2013)



For 2 channel tape // string quartet + 5 channel tape // string octet + 2 channel tape 
6.30 min



Originally a 2 channel electroacoustic piece.
Rewritten in 2014 for string octet (3vio/2vla/2vc/1cb) and tape and performed at the UNM festival 2015 in Helsinki.
Rewritten in 2016 for string quartet and live-electronics in higher order ambisonics (5th order), and performed in Vilnius (LT) by Chordos and Tine Surel Lange.
Rewritten in 2016 for string quartet and five speakers and performed by Siggi String Quartet at Nordic Music Days 2016 in Reykjavik, Iceland.
WP at UNM Festival in Helsinki 2015.




Download score here: TineSurel_Mørket_String Quartet&Tape_Full Score_Updated 25.10.18






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