KROPPSPRESS – audiovisual work

Kroppspress (2019)



For video projection and sound
14 min



“Kroppspress” // “Body Pressure” explores body pressure in a sonic, visual and social context.
Video material with dancer Thomas Voll and sound material based on vibrators on instruments, plastic and aluminium foil.
The work have been created through various stages – first as an audiovisual performance and concert work (funded by the Arts Council Norway) for the Norwegian contemporary music ensemble asamisimasa and lately (this version) an audiovisual work where the video material is central.



Concept, video and sound: Tine Surel Lange
Dancer: Thomas Voll
Body painter: Vilija Vitkuté
WP as part of the group exhibition “Mørketida / Darkness Time” February 2019, Meieriet Kultursenter, Leknes, Norway.