Nuclear Creatures: West Lake Landfill – for 2ch sound & video

Nuclear Creatures: West Lake Landfill (2021)



For 2 channel sound and video
10:30 min



Created for: AURA group exhibition by NNBK
Funded by: Det Norske Komponistfond
Sound, video, and concept: Tine Surel Lange
Outside-eye: Mette Myhr
Premiere March 12th, 2021 in Bodø, Norway



“Evolution is taking place. As we change and possibly destroy the fundamental of our life on this planet a new species is taking form – welcoming these changes as their fundamental for life. What we describe as environmental disasters are potential feeding grounds for the new species.”
Tine Surel Lange is concerned with the climate crisis and her current works are saturated in the fear of environmental destruction as well as the new opportunities and life forms that might evolve from that. “Nuclear Creatures: West Lake Landfill” is a continuation of an ongoing project; an audiovisual extravaganza with magic realist flourishes.