Cycle 1-3

2017 – 9 pieces for ambisonics – 50 min

Cycle 1-3 is the result of my intensive work with ambisonics both at MISC in Vilnius, Lithuania and at Notam in Oslo, Norway.

Every cycle consists of three pieces that explores room, sound and timbre. Together these nine works is a coherent experience with a strong focus on listening. The material is organic sound sources which are to a varying degree reconstructed by pitch, rhythm, timbre, resonance and layers. Every pieces is build up from scratch – from single almost alienated sounds to a coherent surrounding sound image.

I have an instrumental approach to ambisonics, treating it as the symphony orchestra of the electroacoustic composer.

The works will not be uploaded at this moment.

A short preview from the sound exhibition version of these pieces Works for Listening (not in ambisonics):

Tine Surel Lange - Cycle #1-3