Kor Tok Måsan Veien?

“Where Did The Seagulls Go?”

The seagulls, which have always been so many, are in trouble – three Norwegian seagull species are now on the red list of endangered species. Where did the seagulls go? – That’s what I’m investigating in this audiovisual installation work. The work is created with video- and field recordings of seagulls all over Norway and collections of seagull stories from people. The material is gathered in a interdisciplinary installation and puts light on the issue in an artistic, environmental and culture historical perspective. The material has been gathered for over a year with a main focus on the Lofoten and Vesterålen islands.

The work consists of video material projected on a “room” in the room. The sound material is independent from the video material in six individual tracks where everything (seagull stories, seagull sounds and metallic tones) is triggered generative – the concurrence of the material is ever changing.

Opening on august 1st 6 PM – Open august 2nd – 31st 2017 at Galleri Ariblå, Kulturfabrikken Sortland, Sortland, Norway

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Also a big thank to the following:

Nyksund Kurs- og Retreatgård @Marie Elisabeth Mjaaland and Svein Erik Tøien (artist residence in Nyksund), John Stenersen (seagull enthusiast and competence), Steve Baines (seagull competence and interview), Sortland Museum @Åsa Elstad (seagull event at Sortland Museum august 21st 7 P), Kunstnerhuset Sortland (artist residence), Bioforsk @Morten Günther (infomaterial),  Miljødirektoratet og NINA (infomaterial and guidance).

Lots of love to everyone sharing the 100+ seagull stories! <3

Some articles (in Norwegian) about the project:

“Et år med måsen”https://www.blv.no/kunst/sortland/dyrevern/et-ar-med-masen/s/5-9-218901

“Det startet som en unnskyldning for å dra til Nord-Norge”: http://www.vol.no/nyheter/sortland/2017/08/01/%E2%80%93-Det-startet-som-en-unnskyldning-for-%C3%A5-dra-til-Nord-Norge-15096873.ece

“Lager kunst ut av måseskrik”http://www.vol.no/nyheter/bo/2017/06/23/Lager-kunst-ut-av-m%C3%A5seskrik-14923147.ece

“Åpner utstilling om måsen”https://www.blv.no/sortland/bo/kultur/apner-utstillinga-om-masen/s/5-9-217768

TineSurel - Kor tok måsan veien?