2016 – For unaccompanied mixed choir – 4.5 min

«Livet» is Danish for «the life», mostly in the context of «the daily life». The piece explores different moods with vocal texture, layers and resonance – there is a constant underlying structure of eternally ongoing time through most of the piece. «Livet» deals with parts of daily life that we are all likely to experience, but are not easily shared; anxiety, loneliness, sorrow and/or grief. Individual stories/experiences with these aspects, and how to deal with them, are being whispered by the choir, but instead of the stories standing alone, they together form a full texture of whispering sound – a sound of togetherness, not solitude.

Live from the finale concert of the composition competition ,,Vox Juventutis 2016″. Performer – Vilnius choir ,,Jauna Muzika”. Conductor – Vaclovas Augustinas:

Tine Surel Lange - Livet