The Sun

2014 – Videopiece – 2.5 min.

Made with synthesizer, voice, text and paint on paper.

The Sun from TineSurel on Vimeo.

The workprocess of “The Sun” is inspired by Karlheinz Stokhausen’s ES (It) from “Aus den sieben Tagen”, in an attempt to liberate myself from creative reaction patterns and comfort zone.

ES (It) 
Wait until it is absolutely still within you 
When you have attained this 
begin to play 
As soon as you start to think, stop 
and try to retain 
the state of NON-THINKING 
Then continue playing

For me it evolved to a piece with elements I haven’t worked with before: My own words and my own voice, and elements I rarely work with: Synthesizer and illustration.
All combined in a short video piece which for me at the same time feels distant and intimate.