We can’t save the world – sound installation – WP at an exhibition in Seoul, South Korea.

Kor Tok Måsan Veien? – investigative audiovisual installation work – WP Kulturfabrikken Sortland, Norway, Aug 1st-31st.

SoundDestination – Online sound map, installation and live performance concept – WP at Sommer i Berlevåg festival Jul 17th-23rd.

Water and Stone – Made for Drive in Sound Art Lofoten, opening May 31st.

Works for Listening – 8 channel sound exhibition – at Lydgalleriet @UOY May 12th-28th 2017.

Cycle 1-3 – Ambisonics pieces – WP at Notam, Oslo, Norway

Sunset Rising – Videowork WP at Echofluxx17 festival, Praha, Czech Republic.


So You Can Please – For four percussionists, 35 dildos/vibrators/etc, and text material based on headlines from articles in online women’s magazines and anonymous confessions from whisper. WP at Darmstadt International Summer Course 2016.

Livet – For unaccompanied mixed choir – WP at finale concert of the composition competition “Jauna Muzika”, in Vilnius (LT). Performed by the Vilnius choir “Jauna Muzika”.

Water – For piano trio and water sounds – WP at Drusko Manija festival 2016 in Vilnius (LT). Performed by Thirty Fingers Trio

Resonating Nature Introvert Texture – Audiovisual live electronics performance concept – WP at Nordic Music Days 2015 / LYDrørt Festival 2016.

Tine Surel Lange & Michel Mateos: Etikk – Acoustic poetic soundscape work

TnS & Dr Roman: Dancehall Ram (TineSurel remix) – Audiovisual work

Byen – For clarinet, cello, midipiano (live-electronics) and video – WP at Borealis Festival 2016 in Bergen (NO). Performed by asamisimasa


TO: #FF9900 – Composition/improvisation

The City – Audiovisual composition

Kyst – Soundscape composition – Part of

SoundJourney – Sound installation – WP at Vinterlydfestivalen 2015, Oslo (NO)


Klangfarger – Visual piece

The Sun – Videopiece

Immersed:Berlin – For live-electronics


Mørketid – For cello and live-electronics

6 Bekker fra Vestlandet – Tape or live electronics – WP at UNM 2014 in Malmø

Eremitt – Audiovisual – For cello and live-electronics –

Tarre – Audivisual – For cello and live-electronics –

Mørket – For string octet (or quartet) and fixed or live-electronics –

Til Domkirken – For string trio


Eventyr – For string trio

Til Vesterålen – For string trio

String Suite no. 2 – For string quintet / string trio

Bøgeskov i Efterår – EA composition


Monstrum – EA composition

Undring – For var. ensembles

A Cactus – EA composition

Awakening – EA composition

Bølgegang – For string trio

Lucidity – For string trio


Hugin – For string trio (2005)

MetalStringAcademy – workshop activity (2005/10)