BYEN – clarinet, cello, midi piano, electronics & video

Byen (2016)



For clarinet, cello, midi piano (live electronics) and video
7 min



Steel concrete and light.
An abstract and instrumental interpretation of the city.
The city as a human made object – the piece with human made sounds.
The city as a feeling more than a specific place.
A sound universe based on processed instrumental sound with visual elements of manmade objects in the city.




WP at Cafeteatret in Oslo (NO) by asamisimasa
Written for and performed by asamisimasa
Video recorded at performance at Borealis Festival 2017
Part of a nyMusikks Komponistgruppe project
Funded by Arts Council Norway



Download score here: TineSurelLange_Byen_2016_Full score_Updated 21.09.2018





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