FABEL – early music ensemble (2009-13)

Fabel - photo by Mette Lundbak Kofod

Fabel – Early Music Ensemble – Active 2009-2013

Fabel was an ensemble specialising in early music primarily from the medieval and renaissance times with instruments as viola da gamba, lute, flutes, hurdy-gurdy, santur and percussion instruments. The ensemble offered a musical journey from the warm middle east via the early Italy, Spain and Germany, all the way up to the cold North.

The ensemble consisted of:

  • Tine Surel Lange – Viola da Gamba, flutes and hurdy-gurdy. She studied viola da gamba at the Royal Music Academy of Denmark and with the viola da gamba virtuoso Paolo Pandolfo. She is now trained and living full-time as an contemporary composer and sound artist.
  • Lasse Olufson – Lute og voice. Cand. mag. in Music Science and history (University of Copenhagen). He is an active performer in the early music based groups like Gny and Huldre.
  • Jacob Lund – Percussion. He is an active performer in early music based groups like VirelaiHuldre, Asynje and Heilung.

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