KOR TOK MÅSAN VEIEN? – audiovisual installation

Kor Tok Måsan Veien? (2018)



Audio Visual Installation
6 channel generative sound and 2 channel video



Solo exhibition at Galleri Ariblå at Kulturfabrikken Sortland, Norway
Funded by Arts Council Norway, Kulturfabrikken Sortland and Sortland Kunstforening
Created during work stays at Nyksund Kurs- og Retreatgård, KvitbrakkaKunstnerhuset Sortland, and Trevarefabrikken
Sound, video, and concept: Tine Surel Lange
Premiere August, 2018 in Sortland, Norway


Three Norwegian seagull species are now on the red list of endangered species. Where did the seagulls go? – That’s what’s being investigated in this audiovisual installation work. The work is created with video- and field recordings of seagulls from all over Norway and collections of seagull stories from people. The material is gathered in a interdisciplinary installation exploring the issue in an artistic, environmental and culture historical perspective. The material was gathered during a year of field work with a main focus on the Lofoten and Vesterålen islands.



Sound excerpt from “Kor tok måsan veien?”



Thanks to Nyksund Kurs- og Retreatgård @Marie Elisabeth Mjaaland and Svein Erik Tøien (artist residence in Nyksund), Kvitbrakka and Emma Gunnarsson in Berlevåg,  Trevarefabrikken in Henningsvær, Kunstnerhuset Sortland, John Stenersen (seagull enthusiast and competence), Steve Baines (seagull competence and interview), Sortland Museum @Åsa Elstad (seagull event at Sortland Museum august 21st 7 P), Kunstnerhuset Sortland (artist residence), Bioforsk @Morten Günther (infomaterial),  Miljødirektoratet og NINA (infomaterial and guidance), and to all the wonderful people sharing seagull stories to the project!



Some articles (in Norwegian) about the project:
“Et år med måsen”https://www.blv.no/kunst/sortland/dyrevern/et-ar-med-masen/s/5-9-218901
“Det startet som en unnskyldning for å dra til Nord-Norge”: http://www.vol.no/nyheter/sortland/2017/08/01/%E2%80%93-Det-startet-som-en-unnskyldning-for-%C3%A5-dra-til-Nord-Norge-15096873.ece
“Lager kunst ut av måseskrik”http://www.vol.no/nyheter/bo/2017/06/23/Lager-kunst-ut-av-m%C3%A5seskrik-14923147.ece
“Åpner utstilling om måsen”https://www.blv.no/sortland/bo/kultur/apner-utstillinga-om-masen/s/5-9-217768







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