PRESSURE – for five performers, objects & video

Photo: Thor Egil Leirtrø

Pressure (2017)



For 5 performers, various instruments, objects, and video 
12-15 min



Commissioned by, written for and performed by asamisimasa
Funded by the Norwegian Arts Council
Composition, video, and concept: Tine Surel Lange
Dancer: Thomas of Norway
Body painter: Vilija Vitkuté 
Premiere Autumn 2017 at a national nyMusikk tour celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the Norwegian Society of Composers



The work investigates pressure both in an instrumental and a social context (body pressure).
Instrumentation: 1x grand piano, 1x clarinet, 1x cello, 1x guitar, 2x timpani, 2x cymbals, 5x good vibrators, several rolls of aluminum and plastic foil, and video


Video documentation: Tine Surel Lange






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