SIRENERNE – string trio (2003-2015)

Photo by Øystein Ingvaldsen

Music about the Ocean, Nature and Nordic Roots… 

A prizewinning, young, nordic string ensemble, working with the composer Tine Surel Lange. The music is creative, nordic and genreless. The flexibility of the group has led to over hundred of concerts in cathedrals, electronic music festivals, outside in nature etc and to a various audience from children to royalties (her Majesty Queen Margrethe the 2nd of Denmark).  Besides solo concerts Sirenerne have participated in the project “Nordic Music to the Outback North – a concert journey to the Faroe Islands, Vendsyssel (DK) and Vesterålen (NO)” and touring Siberia/Germany with the nordic folktronica group Valravn. Sirenerne released their first CD “Sirenerne – Music by TineSurel” in 2013.






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