SOUNDDESTINATION – sound mapping project

SoundDestination (2017-)



Sound Map // Installation // Live Performance



Soundscape compositions from various destinations. Developed further during residencies in Berlevåg in Northern Norway and PyeongChang in South Korea. Can be presented as online sound map, interactive audiovisual installation, audiovisual live performance and as a listening experience.
In a time where we are constantly surrounded by sound, have we forgotten how to listen?
With my art I want to make people listen, with the hope that we through listening get more in contact with and care more about our surroundings and the changes happening.
The project is being updated, so only a few sound excerpts is available for now.


1. Jungle in Laos
2. Danish Forest
3. Night Train in Thailand
4. Cave in Vietnam
5. Jungle in Thailand
6. Norwegian Forest
7. Under the Dock in Nyksund



Some articles about the project (in Norwegian):
“Lyden av Berlevåg”
“Kunstner takker Berlevåg”
“Stiller ut lyder fra naturen”:
“Tine Surel Lange – Sommar i Berlevåg festivalkunstner”:






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