WORKS FOR LISTENING – ambisonics works

Works for Listening (2017-)



5th Order Ambisonics Works
2.5 to 60 min



Works for Listening is a series of electro-acoustic works developed at Notam (NO), MISC (LT) and EMS (SE). All the works are made in 5th order ambisonics, but have been presented in other formats as well and are the most played works by Tine Surel Lange. The works are numbered from No. 1 to No. 13 (still ongoing).
In Works for Listening there is a strong focus on listening aesthetics and our psychological categorization of sound. Surrounding sound environments are created with material taken from everyday life: Organic sound sources to a varying degree reconstructed by tone, rhythm, timbre, and layers. The sonic material in Works for Listening appears as physical and tactile, and often abstracted from their original state. With Works for Listening the composer hopes to create inspiration for increased listening experiences in life.
Surel Lange’s work with ambisonics is based on mono sound sources (field recordings, mostly done with contact microphones) placed in space where the development in the material (pitch, filters, frequencies, dynamics) are connected and emphasized with vertical movement.



The works have been presented at the following occasions:
Symposium on Spatial Arts, Seoul, Seoul (KOR) | No. 6 | 5th order ambisonics
nyMusikk Bodø | No. 1-3 | 4 channel
UNM festival 2019, Piteå (SE) | No. 9 | 8 channel
Electric Audio Unit concert at Sentralen, Oslo (NO) curated by Cristian Vogel | No. 2 + 10 | 3rd order ambisonics
Nordic Music Days, Helsinki (FI) | Works for Listening various | 4 channel version
VEMS concert at Kontakt-Festival, Norrköpings konstmuseum (SE) | No. 9 | 8 channel version
Glowing Electronics Festival (SE) | No. 6 | 8 channel
CRRMA, Stanford University (US) | No. 2 + 6 | 5th order ambisonics
EMS listening session | No. 1 – 6 | 4th order ambisonics
Lofoten Sound Art Symposium (NO) Listening Lounge| No. 9 | 8 channel
UNM festival 2018, Bergen (NO) | No. 1 – 3 | 8 channel
Drive-In for Lydkunst, Hadseløy (NO) | No. 6 | stereo render
Electric Audio Unit concert at Sentralen, Oslo (NO) | No. 2 + 3 | 24 speaker array
nyMusikks Komponistgruppe concert, Oslo (NO) | No. 9 | 8 channel
Drive-in for Lydkunst 2017 – Lofoten | No. 6 | stereo render
Notam presentation and concert, Oslo (NO) | No. 1 – 6 | 5th order ambisonics
Lydgalleriet solo exhibition, Bergen (NO) | No. 1 – 6 | 8 channel installation
Notam presentation and concert | No. 1 – 3 | 5th order ambisonics
Juzeliūnas Sphere at MISC, Vilnius (LT) | No. 1-3 | 5th order ambisonics

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