WORKS FOR LISTENING – installation

Works for Listening (2017)


8 Channel Sound Installation
14 – 50 min



Works for Listening – the installation version (main version is for 5th order ambisonics) – was made for a solo exhibition at Lydgalleriet at UOY in Bergen. With an untraditional 8 channel setup with speakers placed in the room for creating physicality in the sound and a no-sweet-spot listening situation. With or without video projection.
Works for Listening is a series of electroacoustic works where listening aesthetics and our psychological categorisation of sound are explored. The material is taken from everyday life – all worked and distorted in different ways. Each piece is created by one organic sound source, to a varying degree reconstructed by tone, percussion, noise, resonance and voice layers. The sonic material in Works for Listening are physical and tactile, and are often abstracted from their original states. Works for Listening is imbued with the hope of creating increased empathy to our surroundings through listening.




Link to setup: Works for Listening – channel order (page two for the installation setup)





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