ALLE KVINNER ER DIRTY HORER – audiovisual installation + performance

Alle kvinner er dirty horer (2019)

All women are dirty whores



Audiovisual installation + Cleansing of shame ritual / performance



Commissioned by and created for Arctic Arts Festival 2019
Funded by the Artic Arts Festival UngKunst / YoungArt Grant 
Sound, video, body and concept: Tine Surel Lange
Outside-eye: Mette Myhr
Premiere June 2019 at Arctic Arts Festival 2019, Harstad, Norway



Sound- and audiovisual installation + “cleansing of shame” performance about shame and shaming, sex pressure and internet culture. Series of five works:


URBAN SLANG – explained by users at
Video work, 10 min


Video work, 5 min


ANONYMOUS CONFESSIONS – from friends, colleagues, and
Video work, 7 min


ALLE KVINNER ER DIRTY HORER – headlines from women’s and young girl’s magazines
Sound work, 15 min


Performance with sound, text and body, 30 min


CLEANSING OF SHAME RITUAL – performance (short video recap)

EMBODIMENT (video work, part of the project)