Cleansing of shame ritual (2019)

Part of “Alle kvinner er dirty horer” (All women are dirty whores)



Performance for voice, electronics, text, and body.
30 min



Commissioned by and created for Arctic Arts Festival 2019
Funded by the Artic Arts Festival UngKunst / YoungArt Grant 
Premiere June 2019 at Arctic Arts Festival 2019, Harstad, Norway
Sound, video, body and concept: Tine Surel Lange
Outside-eye: Mette Myhr



A performance about shame and shaming, sex pressure and internet culture.
During the festival, the audience visiting the installation was encouraged to share a word they had been told which had made them feel shameful. Based on these words a “Cleansing of shame” ritual took place as the grand finale of the project.


Video teaser: