Ritual for Changing Times – for 4+ performers and video

Ritual for Changing Times (2020)



For 4+ instrumental performers and video
4 min



Commissioned and performed by Lovemusic
Concept, video, body, and composition: Tine Surel Lange
Filming: Tine Surel Lange / J. G. Schmidt


“Ritual for Changing Times” – a ritual for times that are changing / for changing the times. The work is a product of 2020 – written for an ensemble I’ve never met (collective lovemusic), performed by musicians on each their own digital island somewhere in Europe, and presented as part of the digital concert series “Premieres in Private Places”.
Each performer will follow one of four layers of arms and legs in the video, with individual instructions on how to create and develop the sound according to these. The result is a droney, timbre exploring sound with interweaving tones.
As a composer, I enjoy exploring the big possibilities of small changes; like the wonderful microtonal world of slow and wide vibrato that is explored in this work.
 The work is for four+ instrumental performers where there should be at least four instruments with the possibility of vibrato, and at least two of them being bowed string instruments. Besides this, the work is open to be joined by any sound.