LIVING LANDSCAPES – for large ensemble, 8ch live electronics and 2ch video

Living Landscapes (2021)



For large ensemble, live electronics, and two video projections
48 min



Concept, video, and composition: Tine Surel Lange
Commissioned and performed by: BIT20 Ensemble
Funded by: Arts Council Norway
Created during a work stays at Kunstkvarteret and Nyksund Kooperativet
Concert recording: Audun Strype
Concert recording funded by: NKF (Norsk Komponistforening)
Outside-eye: Mette Myhr
Body paint (berkana): Vilija Vitkuté
Models (berkana): Małgosia Suś and Linnéa Grimstedt
Premiere August 28th 2021, Grieghallen, Bergen (NO)



Living Landscapes is a module work consisting of separate chapters that, when combined, form a complete whole. The chapters have different instrumentation but are all based on text instructions and following cues in the two video projections – visible to both the performers and the audience. The chapters can be performed as individual pieces or combined, and they can be performed in any order. The composition and sonic palette of every chapter is based on the carefully planned placement of instrumental performers, with the two videos acting as conductors.

The Living Landscapes chapters are based on selected runes of the Elder Futhark, with emphasis on the symbolic meanings and magical properties.

The concept of Living Landscapes is the idea that the earth is changing and slowly coming to life in form of nature creatures, camouflaged by their size.
Is this happening as a reaction to how we (the human race) are treating the earth? Or have they always been there? Have we simply forgotten how to look properly? Is this related to our ever-growing god complex? How will we react?


thurisaR – 4:30 min – For live processed piano, 8 channel live electronics, and video
ansuR – 2:30 min – For flute, clarinet, harp, and video
kauna – 5:30 min – For five string players and video
hagalaR – 3 min -For two percussionists, harp, piano, 8 channel live electronics, and video
isaR – 4 min – For winds, strings, wine glasses, and video
perthu – 4:30 min – For darker sounding instruments, two percussionists, 8 channel live electronics, and video
berkana – 12:30 min – For large ensemble and video
laguR – 4:30 min – For winds / strings / mallet percussions / pianos / harps, and live electronics, and video
dagaR – 7 min – For large ensemble, and live electronics, and video