Arctic landscapes, surrounding sounds, mythologies, and sound choreography are some of the inspirations that shape the works by the Norwegian composer and interdisciplinary artist Tine Surel Lange (b. 1989, Vesterålen, Norway). Based in Lofoten, Northern Norway, her work is rooted in organic material – with a focus on listening, space, and how connotations color how we listen to and experience art. Lately, she has been focused on 3D sound, sounding objects, sound for scenic productions, and creating conceptual works for sound and image – fascinated by magical realism and the coming doom of the human race.


Surel Lange’s works have been presented in Europe, North America, and Asia. She’s been working with electro-acoustic compositions at institutions like CCRMA (US), EMS (SE), Notam (NO) and MISC (LT).

She has worked with musicians and ensembles like asamisimasa (NO), aksiom Ensemble (NO), Alpaca Ensemble (NO), BIT20 (NO), Collective Lovemusic (FR), Chordos String Quartet (LT), Jakob BangsøLydenskab (DK), Oslo 14 (NO), Marco Fusi (IT), MolOt (RU), Siggi String Quartet (IS), SISU Percussion Ensemble (NO), and Parallax (NO).

Her works and installations have been performed/presented at festivals like Arctic Art Festival (NO), Barents Spektakel (NO)Berlin International Guitar Festival (DE), Borealis (NO)Cellolyd (NO), DruskoManija (LT), Echofluxx (CZE), Glowing Electronics (SE), Greenlight District (NO), Frequenz – Festival der Klangkunst (DE), Lofoten Sound Art Symposium (NO), MOXsonic Missouri Festival for Experimental Sonic Arts (US), Nordic Music Days (DK/IS/FI/NO), Only Connect(NO), PureGold (UK), Svensk Musikvår (SE), The Symposium on Spatial Sound Arts (KOR), Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival (NO), and UNM (SE/FI/NO).

Surel Lange has made sound for several dance performances: Holding Position, You might like me better if we sleep together and Until We Meet Again by choreographer/dancer Thomas Voll (NO), Is There by choreographer/dancer Thanh Chung Nguyen (VN), and choreographer/dancer Jun Boram (KR) with performances in South Korea and Singapore, and White String with choreographer/dancer Irina Demina (RU/DE) and tango guitarist Patricio Crom (AR) with performances in South Korea.

Surel Lange has had solo exhibitions at Arctic Arts Festival (NO), Lydgalleriet (NO), Galleri Ariblå (NO), and participated in several group exhibitions in Norway and South Korea. 


Member of the Visual Artists Association of Northern Norway (NNBK), the Norwegian Composer’s Society (NKF), and nyMusikks Komponistgruppe.

Previous and present expert committee member at Arts Council Norway.

Previous leader and present board member of nyMusikk Nordland, board member of the Norwegian Society of Composers and Kunstkvarteretand previous board member of UNM Norway and nyMusikks Komponistgruppe.

Receiver of Fordypningsstipend 2021Sparebankstiftelsen Sparebank1 Nord-Norge’s talentstipend 2018, UngKunst stipend 2018 and Arts Council Norway’s Diverse­stipend for ny­utdannede kunstnere 2017. Selected participant in the KUPP program 2020.


  • 2015/17 – Master in Music Performance Technology at The Norwegian Academy of Music
  • 2016/17 – Exchange semester in Digital Composition at the Lithuanian Academy of Music
  • 2013/15 – Bachelor in Composition at The Norwegian Academy of Music
  • 2011/13 – Bachelor in Sound Design (part of my bachelor in composition) at Sonic College (DK)
  • 2010/11 – Private viola da gamba studies with Paolo Pandolfo
  • 2009/10 – Bachelor in viola da gamba (unfinished) at The Royal Music Academy of Denmark



Sound/Audiovisual installations:

2019  Alle kvinner er dirty horer. Audiovisual installation. Arctic Arts Festival, Norway.

2019 – Kroppspress. Video projection on wall + sound. Part of the group exhibition «Mørketida», Leknes, Norway.

2018 – celloLYDinstallasjon. Sound installation. Cellolyd festival, Lofoten, Norway.

2017 – We can’t save the world. Sound installation. Part of the group exhibition «Montage is a heartbeat». Seoul, South Korea.

2017 – Kor tok måsan veien?. Audiovisual installation. Kulturfabrikken Sortland, Vesterålen, Norway.

2017 – Works for Listening. Sound installation. Lydgalleriet, Norway.

2017 – Water and Stone. Sound work. Part of «Drive In Sound Art Lofoten” exhibition. Lofoten, Norway.

2015 – Kyst. Interactive sound Installation for eBook and webpage www.lige-kunst.dk. Denmark.

2015 – SoundJourney. Sound installation. Vinterlydfestivalen. Oslo, Norway.

2014 – Klangfarger for solo violin. Visual piece.

Video works:

2021 – Nuclear Creatures: Westlake Landfill. Video work. 10 min. To be part of several exhibitions in Northern Norway 2021 as part of NNBK’s 50years anniversary.

2020 – Ritual for Changing Times. For four+ performers and video. WP in Frankfurt, Germany.

2020 – Midnight Sun Ritual. For live electronics, sounding objects, and video. WP at Flakstad Mikrofestival, Flakstad, Norway.

2019 – Desert Creatures: The Salton Sea. 5th order ambisonics and video. WP Sep 2019 at Ultima Festival, Oslo, Norway.

2019 – Urban Slang. WP Arctic Arts Festival, Harstad, Norway.

2019 – Anonymous Confessions. WP Arctic Arts Festival, Harstad, Norway.

2019 – Arctic Creatures. Video work. Not yet presented as a video work only.

2019  Pressure. Video work. WP “Mørketida” group exhibition, Leknes, Norway.

2019 – Embodiment. WP Arctic Arts Festival, Harstad, Norway.

2017 – Sunset Rising. Video work. WP Echofluxx ́17 festival, Prague, Czech Republic.

2015 – The City. Video work. WP the Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo, Norway.

2014 – The Sun. Video work. WP nyMusikk, Oslo, Norway.

Sound maps:

2017 – Soundwalk Potato Blossom Studio. Sound map / sound walk. Pyeongchang, South Korea.

2017 – SoundDestination: Pyeongchang 2018. Online sound map. South Korea.

2017 – SoundDestination: Berlevåg. Sound installation + online sound map. Villa Borealis, Berlevåg.

Live performance works:

2020 – Midnight Sun Ritual. For live electronics, sounding objects, and video. WP at Flakstad Mikrofestival, Flakstad, Norway.

2019 – Alle kvinner er dirty horer. For video, sound, and naked female body. WP Arctic Arts Festival, Harstad, Norway

2019 – Seven works made in collaboration with Adam Parkinson. WP Live electronics concert. BEK, Bergen, Norway

2016 – Introvert Texture and Resonating Nature. Audiovisual live-electronics performance. WP LYDrørt festival, Lofoten, Norway.

Sound for dance performances:

2021 – Sound for the dance performance “Holding Position” by Thomas Voll (NO). WP in Lofoten, Norway.

2019 – Sound for the dance performance “You might like me better if we sleep together” by Thomas Voll (NO). WP in Lofoten, Norway.

2017 – Sound for the dance performance “Until We Meet Again” by Thomas Voll (NO). WP Lofoten, Norway.

2017 – Sound for the dance performance “White String” by and with Irina Demina (RU/DE) and Soodong Jung (KOR). WP National Theatre, Seoul, South Korea.

2017 – Sound for the dance performance “Is There” by and with Nguyen Chung (VT) and Boram Jun (KOR). WP National Theatre, Seoul, South Korea.

Electroacoustic compositions:

2017-2021 – Works for Listening. 14 5th order ambisonics works. WPs CCRMA (US) / EMS (SE) / Notam (NO) / Lydgalleriet (NO) / MISC (LT).

2020 – Midnight Sun Ritual. Reworked sound from audiovisual live performance. WP Feb 2021 at Barentsspektakkel, Kirkenes, Norway.

2019  Desert Creatures: The Salton Sea. 5th order ambisonics and video. WP Sep 2019 at Ultima Festival, Oslo, Norway.

2019  Sonic Portrait: Skotfoss. For 2 channel tape. WP Sep 2019 at Greenlight District, Norway.

2019 – Alle kvinner er dirty horer. Stereo work. WP Arctic Arts Festival, Harstad, Norway.

2019 Vågakallen. Graphic score made with and performed by 100 5th graders. WP Lofoten, Norway.

2019 – Seven works made in collaboration with Adam Parkinson. WP BEK, Bergen, Norway.

2018 – Wires. WP Oslo, Norway.

2017 – Object Sessions. Ongoing live electronics performance project. WP Lofoten / PyeongChang, Norway / South Korea.

2017 – Cycle 1-3. Ambisonics works. Notam, Oslo / MISC, Vilnius. Norway / Lithuania.

2016 – Etikk. Text (by Michel Mateos), instruments, and objects. Ila Prison, Norway.

2015 – Layers. For solo cello and electronics.

2015 – Soundtrip. Audiovisual live-electronics performance. Nordic Music Days, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2015 – 4 Stemninger fra Kysten. For live-electronics. Notam, Oslo, Norway.

2015 – Immersed:Berlin. For live-electronics and video. Notam, Oslo, Norway.

2013 – 6 Bekker fra Vestlandet. Sound work. UNM Festival, Malmö, Sweden.

Instrumental compositions:

2021 – De ni bølgene. For flute, guitar, percussion, double bass, and video. 15 min. Written for aksiom. WP Oslo, Norway.

2021 – Living Landscapes. For large ensemble, 8 channel live electronics and video. 50 min. Written for BIT20. WP Bergen, Norway.

2020 – Ritual for Changing Times. For four+ performers and video. WP in Frankfurt, Germany.

2019 – En Tale. For impro choir. Written for Oslo 14. WP Oslo, Norway.

2019 – Arctic Creatures: Repparfjord. For ensemble and video. Written for MolOt Ensemble (RU). WP Oslo, Norway.

2019 – Organized Sound for Sounding Objects II. For 3 performers and metal bowls. WP Oslo, Norway.

2019 – Organized Sound for Sounding Objects I. For 3 performers, wine glasses and bowed glockenspiel. Written for SISU Percussion Ensemble. WP Ilios Festival, Harstad, Norway.

2018 – For solo violin(ist). For violinist, objects, and video. WP That Damn Borderline, Malmø, Sweden.

2018 – celloLYDverk. For celloLYD installation and 6 cellists. WP Cellolyd Festival, Lofoten, Norway.

2018 – No visual. For ensemble and objects. Written for Alpaca Ensemble. WP Samtidsfest in Trondheim / Only Connect in Oslo, Norway.

2017 – Pressure. For ensemble, objects, and video. Written for asamisimasa. WP all over Norway.

2017 – Tid. For ensemble, objects, and stories. Written for Lydenskab ensemble. WP Odder, Denmark.

2016 – Periferi. For guitar, live electronics, and field recordings. Written for Jakob Bangsø. WP Berlin International Guitar Festival, Germany.

2016 – Mørket. For string quartet and 5 speakers. WP Nordic Music Days, Iceland.

2016 – So You Can Please. For four percussionists, sex toys, and text. WP Darmstadt International Summer Course, Germany.

2016 – Livet. For choir. WP Vox Juventutis, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2016 – Water. For piano trio and water samples. WP Drusko Manija Festival, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2016 – Byen. For ensemble and video. WP Borealis Festival, Bergen, Norway.

2015 – Ryolitt. For youth orchestra. WP Bømlo, Norway.

2015 – Vanvart. For solo cello.

2015 – Mørket. For string octet and tape. WP UNM Festival. Helsinki, Finland.

2015 – Meetings and Greetings. For ensemble.

2014 – Nyksund + Hav. For cello and live-electronics. WP Vesterålen Matfestival, Nyksund, Norway.

2014 – Syndefaldet eftir William Heinesen. 10 works for cello and live electronics for theatre performance. WP all over the Faroe Islands.

2014 – Toner i Bekken. For string trio and live electronics. WP Fagerborg Festspillene, Oslo, Norway.

2013 – Mørketid + Tarre + Eremitt. For cello, live electronics, and video. TineSurel solo setup. WP Nyksund, Norway.


All photos by Tine Surel Lange