A new year, possibilities and projects

I decided to start posting some news, work processes and inside view of my full-time life as a composer and artist. Let me know what you think and what you would like to read about!

A new year – new possibilities:

Even though lots of my projects are already planned by January, this month is the time for searching the internet and finding interesting opportunities for filling the gaps in the calendar. The highlight of last year’s January planning resulted in a 6 week residency in South Korea (Deep in the Mountains residency) and this year one of the results is 2 months residency at EMS in Sweden. I can highly recommend a “searching-for-opportunity” session in januar and august for creating a personal calendar of deadlines – and of course generally be aware of opportunities! The more you apply for, the more chance of success!

What I’ll do in 2018 (so far):

I’m looking forward to an exciting year where I’m being an very active member of nyMusikks Komponistgruppe (nyMusikk’s composer group, for up-and-coming composers and sound artists in Norway) and will do cool projects with Alpaca Ensemble, SISU percussion and Parallax. The work for Alpaca Ensemble is funded by Arts Council Norway and will be presented at Only Connect festival in Oslo May 26th (and in Trondheim).

I’m also working on some installation works, mainly for the Cellolyd festival 2018 where I’ll do a big new installation work funded by Komponistenes Vederlagsfond. The work will open June 28th at 1PM in Lofoten. I’m super excited about doing a big work near my home!

In august I’ll take part in the UNM festival 2018 in Bergen with my “Works for Listening”, but I’ll also take part as an organizer in the festival. I believe it’s important to take part in your working environment and be part of creating a world where it’s interesting for you to work – therefore I’m spending quite a lot of my time as a board member of UNM in addition to being the leader of nyMusikk Nordland where I build up a scene for contemporary music and sound art in the area in Northern Norway where I live. The most interesting thing with nyMusikk Nordland in 2018 will be the Lofoten Sound Art Symposium where we are collaborators!

Some projects are still to be announced, so can’t share too much, but as of now I’ll do 10 projects this year; concerts, installations and video works in Norway, Sweden and Germany. Looking forward to share more!




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