WHITE STRING – sound for dance

White String (2017)


Dance Performance // Collaboration
10 min



Taking inspiration from the slavic folk legend of Vilas (female spirits, dancing at nights in the woods), this research embodies hybrid imaginary creatures through merging the practices from Korean traditional dance Salpuri, Russian folk dance Horowod, argentinian tango guitar and electro-acoustic composition.
Investigating the relationships between singularity and convergence, rigid shape of traditional dances and personal movement vocabulary, imagination and body configurations, presence and absence, we question ourselves: So what does it mean for real and imaginary bodies and sounds to be present or absent? And who are we in this world of poetic embodied mythology?
A hologram image?
A crack of reality?
An awkward grace?
An elusive memory?
A skinless body?


Choreography and performance by Irina Demina & Soodong Jung
Sound by Patricio Noe Chrom (guitar) and Tine Surel Lange (live electronics).
Collaborative research project during the 6 week Deep in the Mountains artist residency in PyeongChang, South Korea.
WP at the National Theater of Korea (국립극장).




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