Glimpses of a Midnight Sun Ritual – 2ch sound work

Glimpses of a Midnight Sun Ritual (2020-21)



Sound work
10 min



Created for and presented at the AURAlyd program presented by NNBK
Composition: Tine Surel Lange


Glimpses of a Midnight Sun Ritual” is sound from an audiovisual live performance for processed sounding objects from everyday life. The work was a ritual made in Lofoten for the changing times of 2020 – and possibly a ritual for changing the times as well, that is yet to see.
Sound sources: A wine glass and metal binders, a Korean metal rice bowl and metal chopsticks, a tongue drum, and water.


Is a sound art program by artists affiliated with NNBK and put together as part of the celebration of the organization’s 50 years of existence.
NNBK – The Association of North Norwegian Visual Artists