Tine Surel Lange (b. 1989) – Danish/Norwegian composer, artist and performer – based in Henningsvær, Lofoten Islands, Norway.

…I work with the surrounding world both thematic and as material. In a time where we are constantly surrounded by sound, have we forgotten how to listen?
With my art I want to make people listen, with the hope that we through listening get more in contact with and care more about our surroundings and the changes happening. My works range from compositions for solo-instruments or ensemble with/without live-electronics to electro-acoustic pieces (live-electronics, soundscape composition, installation, ambisonics, etc), to performances. Most pieces are audiovisual, and there is always a strong focus on the live-experience.

My pieces have been performed at festivals like Borealis, Nordic Music Days, UNM, Druskomanija, Darmstadt International Summer Course, and in all of the Nordic countries, Lithuania, Germany, France, Russia and Canada.


  • 2015/17 – Master in Music Performance Technology at The Norwegian Academy of Music
  • 2013/15 – Bachelor in Composition at The Norwegian Academy of Music
  • 2011/13 – Bachelor in Sound Design (part of my bachelor in composition) at Sonic College (DK)
  • 2010/11 – Private viola da gamba studies with Paolo Pandolfo
  • 2009/10 – Bachelor in viola da gamba (unfinished) at The Royal Music Academy of Denmark

Important recent concerts and projects:

Working on my upcoming piece “Pressure” for asamisimasa, to be premiered october 2017. Preparing for 2nd stop for my project “SoundDestination” at the Deep in the mountains residency in South Korea autumn 2017. WP of my audiovisual installation work “Kor Tok Måsan Veien?” at Kulturfabrikken Sortland, Norway, open all of august 2017. WP and launch of “SoundDestination” at Sommer i Berlevåg. WP of “Tid” for the Danish ensemble Lydenskab in Odder, Denmark. Guitarist Jakob Bangsø commissioning and performing “Periferi” at Berlin International Guitar Festival 2016. Siggi String Quartet performing “Mørket” at NMD 2016 in Iceland. “So You Can Please” performed at Darmstadt International Summer Course 2016. Audiovisual performance “Resonating Nature and introvert texture” at LYDrørt festival at Trevarefabrikken, Norway. “Livet” performed at Vox Juventutis 2016. Thirty Fingers Trio performing “Water” at Drusko Manija Festival 2016. Asamisimasa performing “Byen”, for ensemble, live-electronics and video at Borealis Festival 2016. WP of “Ryolitt” for young orchestra commisioned by Bømlo Culture School. Performing “Soundtrip”, a solo live-electronics performance, at NMD 2015. “Mørket”, for string octet an live-electronics was performed at UNM 2015 in Helsinki and later in ambisonics at the Lithuanian Academy of Music. Launch of www.lige-kunst.dk featuring my piece “Kyst” commisioned by the Danish Ministry of Gender Equality.  My sound-installation “Soundtrip was at Vinterlydfestivalen 2015. Solo concert at NOTAM (the Norwegian centre for technology in art and music). 22 performances all over the Faroe Islands with the music dramatic performance “Syndefaldet – eftir William Heinesen”.


Boardmember in UNM Norway.

Member of The Danish Composers’ Society and nyMusikks Komponistgruppe.

TineSurel - photo by Tine Surel Lange2016.04.30 Henningsvær; Norge LYDRØRT: Elisabeth Færøy Lund og Kristin Bolstad; Tine Surel Lange; Thomas Voll- "When Boys Cry"; Meri Nikula Photo: Dagmara Wojtanowicz +47 96757318 www.dagmarawojtanowicz.plTine Surel Lange
Tine Surel Lange

Last three photos by Dagmara Wojtanowicz.