2016 – For clarinet, cello, midipiano (live-electronics) and video – 7 min

WP at Borealis Festival 2016 in Bergen (NO). Performed by asamisimasa.

An audiovisual composition for clarinet, cello and midipiano (triggering samples, live-electronics and video).
Written for Asamisimasa. Performed by Asamisimasa at Borealis Festival 2016, Bergen, Norway.
Steel concrete and light.
An abstract and instrumental interpretation of the city.
The city as a human made object – the piece with human made sounds.
The city as a feeling more than a specific place.
A sound universe based on processed instrumental sound with visual elements of manmade objects in the city.

Video of asamisimasa performing Byen live, at Borealis Festival 2016. Extra visuals added to the video, the rest is live:

BYEN (performed by Asamisimasa (live)) from TineSurel on Vimeo.