Works for Listening

2017 – Soundexhibition – 45 min (loop)

Works for Listening is an 8 channel sound exhibition consisting of the pieces in Cycle 1-3. The exhibition was made for Lydgalleriet at UOY in Bergen May 12th to 28th with an guided listening concert on the 27th 2 PM.

In Works for listening, the aesthetics of listening and categorization of sound is explored. The exhibition is a series of electroacoustic soundworks consisting of sculptural sound images and projections. The material is often taken from everyday life: absorbations, soundscapes and collections from objects and actions – all worked and distorted in different ways. Each piece is created by one organic sound source, to a varying degree reconstructed by tone, percussion, noise, resonance and voice layers. I’ve worked with how the sound images behave in, and interact with the space through a vertical structure.

The sonic material in Works for listening appear as physical and tactile, often abstracted from their original state, and with the pieces I want to challenge our psychological categorization of sound.

Tine Surel Lange - Works for Listening